What We Do

What We Do

Ascend serves youth between the ages of 12-18 who currently attend Windsor Public Schools and provides a multitude of support services through strategic partnerships with local community organizations and corporate partnerships around three areas of focus: employment services, mental health resources, and financial planning.

Youth Development Mentoring Program:

Available to all ascend participants, youth are matched with a caring mentor who provides guidance through their most important developmental life stages.  Ascend mentors are recruited, screened, trained, given background checks and matched with a Windsor youth who needs additional adult guidance in his/her life.

We realize that youth need more than mentoring to fully develop into productive young adults.  Therefore, we offer the following after-school activities to continue their development throughout the year:

  • Employment Training
  • Leadership development/civic engagement
  • Recreational activities
  • Health & Nutrition
  • MoneyThink
  • Case management

Family Services program:

Ascend’s goal is for youth to reach their full potential which includes services available to the entire family.  During the initial assessment phase, depending on the needs of the family, Ascend staff offers services to the parent, which include:

  • Employment Services – utilizing services at Department of Labor’s regional job center.  Ascend staff will serve as the liaison for family members navigating the employment training and search system.
  • Financial Planning – through a partnership with Connecticut Wealth Management, families are matched with a financial planner to achieve successful financial management.
  • Mental Health Services – through the partnership with regional mental health service providers, families are able to participate in a multisystemic family therapy model with assistance and guidance by Ascend staff.

Current program partners include:

  • Connecticut Wealth Management
  • CT Department of Labor
  • Regional mental health organizations
  • Get Fit LLC
  • Windsor Federal Savings

To learn more about our model or to get involved, please contact Ricardo Herrea at (860) 219-9402 or email to  rherrera@ascendmentoring.org