Ascend Mentoring provides a holistic model of mentoring and support services that result in youth and families strengthening competencies and reaching their full potential.


In 2009, Kevin Searles, Chief of Police in Windsor, saw a need for a program that would allow ex-offenders and their families to learn the necessary life skills and better their lives by working with a mentor.  Of specific concern to Chief Searles were the challenges facing families and how those issues impacted school aged children in Windsor and the surrounding communities.

For the next two years, Chief Searles organized and led a group of committed and passionate individuals that embarked on a mission to create an organization that could address many of these concerns.  This journey included concerned citizens, law enforcement, Christian institutions and organizations from other towns such as Hartford and Bloomfield looking for the same result in their communities.  After countless meetings, meet and greets, and research, Ascend Mentoring was established in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization ready to work toward positive change in the community.  From just a thought in 2009 to an actual community-based organization in 2013, Ascend Mentoring tackles the challenges faced by our most vulnerable population, our at-risk youth.  Our approach to working with youth stays true to the original idea of Ascend, which is working with families.  The youth we serve to act as a portal to the families we look to empower, mobilize and organize.  Our philosophy is simple, which is by strengthening families we strengthen our communities.

Board of Directors
Suzette Debethbam-Brown
Berthel Johnson
Bree’Ana Johnson
Sylvester Turner
Keneil McGregor
Kevin Searles
Brandon L. McGee, Jr.