Get Involved

Ascend Mentoring was established in 2012 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization aimed at improving our community through the betterment of individuals’ and families’ lives.  Our work and success depend on the contributions of community stake holders and members.  You can get involved today by becoming a mentor, volunteering, recruiting families and youth or providing a financial contribution.

Responsibilities as a mentor:

  • One on one
  • One year commitment
  • 2 hours per week, 8 hours a month
  • Attend mentor training session
  • Group based service learning activities with youth throughout the year
  • A great attitude

What you can expect from Ascend:

  • A creative and structured approach to mentoring
  • Common meeting areas available for match
  • Ongoing support and resources from Ascend staff and program partners
  • Monthly themes which provide guidance in effective mentoring
  • Quarterly mentor group meetings to share and learn from each other

Become a donor: 


Right now, 1 in 3 children and adolescents will grow-up without a mentor of any kind, yet we know that young people who have a mentor are much more likely to participate in after-school activities, be leaders in clubs and teams, volunteer and go on to college. Your gift helps increase our Ascend’s capacity to provide quality mentoring relationships to the thousands of at-risk youth who lack a positive caring role model we know they need!  Help us close the mentoring gap in America by starting here in Connecticut!

Community Engagement

Community engagement is an undeniably critical part of ensuring that mentoring isn’t left to chance. Public officials can support policies that promote mentoring as part of comprehensive educational and youth development initiatives. Teachers, counselors and school administrators can ensure mentoring is integrated into holistic student supports. Business leaders can encourage employee engagement in youth mentoring by partnering with a nonprofit program and offering time to mentor during business hours.

How can you get involved? Start by learning more about community-wide engagement in youth mentoring. To learn more about our cross-sector approaches and how to partner contact Brandon McGee at brandon@thebmcgeefirm.com.

To get involved or for financial or sponsorship opportunities please contact Interim Executive Director LeRoy Bailey, III at 860-219-9402 or email him at lbailey@ascendmentoring.org.