Ascending: Highlights of our mission in action

April 20, 2017

Arianna is one of Ascend Mentoring’s newest members. Arianna was referred to Ascend by her school counselor due to challenges she had encountered in seventh grade.  Her mother was also concerned and agreed to reach out to Ascend for help. With a new school year approaching Arianna did not want to go back to school because of a recurring dilemma she was having with her peers.  This past September, the beginning of her eighth grade year, Arianna registered with Ascend and formed a strong bond with Ascend’s case manager.  This relationship allowed her to view school in a positive light.  Unfortunately, during this early part of the year Arianna went to school and encountered another obstacle but was not able to respond to it in a positive manner.     She reached out to her case manager and explained how she felt about the situation.  After a great guidance session they were able to come up with a better solution if the situation was to occur again.

Arianna’s mother was involved throughout the entire process and teamed up with Ascend’s case manager and another local community resource, Mr. Bianchi. Mr. Bianchi coordinates and conducts all the community service programs at Windsor High School. Every Saturday morning he has a community service project for Windsor youth which helps teach them the importance of giving back to the community in a positive way. Ascend and Mr. Bianchi created a plan to keep Arianna busy while giving back to the community. Arianna was not sure about volunteering but she kept an open mind and decided to give it a try. She worked with Mr. Bianchi on various projects in the community and in return he gave her great advice on how to better deal with challenges in her life.

Arianna did get another chance to tackle her obstacle and with the help of her mother, the school counselor, Ascend and Mr. Bianchi she succeeded.  Currently, Arianna looks forward to going to school and her grades are excellent. She works extremely hard on maintaining good grades and visits the Ascend office to work on homework when she needs help. She is also still volunteering with Mr. Bianchi’s program every Saturday and is very excited to be giving back to the community. Now she has a great attitude when it comes to facing difficult situations in life. Arianna is living proof of the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. Ascend Mentoring is proud to be one of many resources in Windsor that help steer young people in the right direction.