Ascending: Highlights of our mission in action

April 20, 2017

Kyle joined Ascend in June 2014. He was matched up with his Mentor Ted in November of 2015. They formed a strong bond early in their mentoring relationship. Ted saw that Kyle had the potential to do great things and immediately started to introduce Kyle to coworkers as well as teaching him how to network. Ted saw how confident Kyle was at networking and speaking to new people. As a young adult in Ascend’s employment services program Kyle was having a challenging time looking for a job.  Once Ted entered his life and provided guidance and a wide network of possible employers, Kyle was able to obtain a paid position at the YMCA.  Recently, Kyle got another part-time job at CVS in order to reach his financial goals. By working together, Ascend staff and Ted have been able to provide proper guidance for Kyle during a pivotal time in his young adult life.